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The Business Acquisition Podcast with Bruce Whipple

Jul 31, 2019

In the acquisition world, you will trade on your reputation.

Guard it carefully as it will be the cornerstone of your reputation

Jul 23, 2019

Often we wonder why our success isn't happening more quickly and we feel like the fly trying to get through the window. A futile effort. 

Simple changes can turn your lack of success around and it can happen very quickly.

This week I explain what Ray did to make a dramatic shift in his success attracting Dream Team...

Jul 16, 2019

Many people ask me how to get started and how to pick an industry.

Recently a CEO told a mentee I am working with ...  "I only want to know one thing to start "How is the world a better place because of your idea?"

We tackle how to answer that question this week.

Jul 9, 2019

Recently I have seen a lot of people quit just before the goal line.

Dan Peña addressed the level of commitment required for super success a few years back in a video. I've included the audio from that video in this week's podcast.


Jul 2, 2019

The saying "Talk is cheap" is certainly true.

I always liked the practice of "under promise and over deliver".

That's the subject for this week.